Interview with FlatJack at Sema 2015


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World premiere at RETRO CLASSICS 2014 in Stuttgart


flat-jack®- inflatable tire cushions

The new flat-jack®  inflatable cushions provide optimal protection for valuable tires on vintage cars and sports cars. flat-jack® uses a unique chamber concept that eliminates and prevents flat spots on your vehicle's tires. Flat-spotting occurs from the constant pressure load on tires when vehicles are parked or stored for long periods (after only 30 days).

The unique air concept makes it possible for flat-jack® to adapt to all tire shapes. It increases the contact area and efficiently distributes and reduces contact pressure. As a result, lateral forces and tension on the entire chassis are reduced and compensated for. flat-jack® is developed and produced exclusively in Germany. Patent pending.

Made in Germany
simply on air.

flat-jack ® attracts interest at the 2014 Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich


March 13, 2014 - flat-jack® made its successful debut at the 2014 Internationale Handwerksmesse trade fair in Germany this spring. Manfred Köstlmeier, the inventor of the inflatable cushion, who hails from Putzbrunn, Bavaria, is pleased with the showing. This year is the first time he and his team are exhibiting at the Chamber of Commerce trade show. They will be holding live demonstrations of his craftsmanship between March 12 and 18. Visitors and the media have been quite impressed by the fact that an automobile upholstery workshop, Köstlmeier's original business, uses such a wide range of sophisticated high technologies like high-frequency welding. For instance, this specific welding technique is used during the production of flat-jack® cushions. Journalists visiting the stand have been impressed that Mr. Köstlmeier has been able to disprove the widely held belief that inventions that are successfully made in Germany are hard to market successfully in Germany.

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